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Материнская плата albatron px865pe pro

Материнская плата albatron px865pe pro

The PCB design of this model differs from the top model in the line — PX865PE Pro II (though boards based on the same chipset and coming from the same company usually differ only in the number of additional chips). However, the fact of an individual layout is not directly connected with the board’s quality. I just wonder why a mid-level version is so big in this case — such boards are usually made narrower to save on textolite and space in the PC case.

There are some downside in the PCB design, and one of them is that the FDD connector is put on the left edge (it can be a problem if you still need this unit). Among other downsides are crowded connectors around the memory slots, and locking of them when a video card is inserted. Also, it’s not difficult to reach the only jumper when the board is already installed. Its functions are indicated on the PCB. The 3-phase switching voltage regulator incorporates 7 capacitors of 2200 uF and 3 of 1500 uF. There are also voltage regulators of the AGP bus (2 1000 uF) and of the memory (2 of 1000 uF).

The board measures 305×245 mm ("wide ATX", 9 screws fastens it).

  • processor voltages: +3.3, +5 and +-12 V, VBAT and +5 V Standby
  • rotation speed of 2 fans;
  • temperatures of the processor (built-in sensor) and the board (built-in sensor).

The Intel PAT technology is named Performance Enhancement Mode and can be enabled in the BIOS Setup. With this technology you get one more option — enable/disable Extreme Timing.

Ports & connectors onboard
  • Socket 478 with preinstalled CPU cooler holder;
  • 4 slots for DDR SDRAM DIMM (grouped in pairs, differ in color);
  • AGP slot (not Pro, with a retention clip);
  • 5 PCI slots (32bit, 33MHz);
  • Standard power supply connectors (ATX and 4pin for 12V);
  • 1 FDD;
  • 2 IDE slots (Parallel ATA) — on chipset;
  • 2 Serial ATA slots — on chipset;
  • 3 connectors for brackets carrying 2 USB (2.0) ports each;
  • Connector for a standard IR module;
  • Connector for audio-out from CD/DVD drive;
  • S/PDIF;
  • Case open detection header;
  • 3 connectors for fans (2 with regulation of rotations, 1 without it).
Rear panel (left to right, units)

  • PS/2 ports for keyboard & mouse;
  • 2 USB (2.0) and 1 RJ-45 (Ethernet);
  • COM ports (2) and LPT port;
  • 3 Audio (Line In/Out, Mic) and Game port.
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The back panel is absolutely standard and doesn’t require a special I/O shield.


  • Package of a new design picturing an insect;
  • Documentation: a user manual in 3 languages, a poster with a brief description of the board’s installation in English;
  • Cables: 1 SATA (with PCPlug-SATA power supply adapter), 2 ATA66/100/133 and FDD;
  • Bracket with 4 USB (2.0) ports;
  • CD with software:
    • drivers;
    • PC-cillin 2002.
    Integrated controllers
    • audio controller based on the Avance Logic ALC650 AC’97 codec; 5.1 audio system supported, front audio-outs and S/PDIF connector provided;
    • network controller based on the 3COM 910-A01chip supporting 10/100 Base-T (Fast Ethernet).
    jumpers and switchesJumper to clear the CMOS
    BIOS based on Phoenix AwardBIOS 6.00Setup of memory timings+CAS Latency, RAS Precharge, RAS to CAS Delay, Active to Precharge Delay, Performance Enhancement, Extreme Timing (only with PEM enabled)
    Setup of memory frequency+DDR/CPU = Default, 1.33, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 2.66
    Setup of AGP bus
    Setup of PCI bus
    AGP/PCI frequency setup+AGP(PCIx2) = Auto, 66-108 MHz in 1.33MHz steps
    PCI IRQ manual assignment+
    FSB frequency setup+100-550 MHz in 1MHz steps
    CPU clock ratio+x8-x50
    CPU voltage control+Default, +0.1, +0.2, +0.3 V
    DIMM voltage control+Default, +0.1, +0.2, +0.3 V
    NB voltage control
    AGP voltage control+Default, +0.1 V

    We used the BIOS R1.15 as the latest available version.


    This board can’t boast of its functionality but it’s inexpensive, fast and has good tools for overclocking. At the same time, there is also a version with higher functionality and respective components, as well as an unsophisticated PX865PE.

    Albatron PX865PE PRO II Driver Download

    The following files are found inside the driver download file.

    NameSizeDate bytes21 Mar 2003 KB21 Mar 2003 KB21 Mar 2003 KB21 Mar 2003 KB25 Mar 2003 MB25 Mar 2003

    How to Update PX865PE PRO II Device Drivers Quickly & Easily

    Step 1 — Download Your Driver

    To get the PX865PE PRO II driver, click the green download button above. After you complete your download, move on to Step 2.

    If the driver listed is not the right version or operating system, search our driver archive for the correct version. Enter PX865PE PRO II into the search box above and then submit. In the results, choose the best match for your PC and operating system.

    Tech Tip: If you are having trouble deciding which is the right driver, try the Driver Update Utility for PX865PE PRO II. It is a software utility which automatically finds and downloads the right driver.

    Step 2 — Install Your Driver

    Once you have downloaded your new driver, you'll need to install it. In Windows, use a built-in utility called Device Manager, which allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them.

    How to Open Device Manager

    In Windows 10 & Windows 8.1, right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager

    In Windows 8, swipe up from the bottom, or right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose "All Apps" -> swipe or scroll right and choose "Control Panel" (under Windows System section) -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager

    In Windows 7, click Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager

    In Windows Vista, click Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Device Manager

    In Windows XP, click Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button

    How to Install a driver from Device Manager

    Locate the device and model that is having the issue and double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

    Select the Driver tab.

    Click the Update Driver button and follow the instructions.

    In most cases, you will need to reboot your computer in order for the driver update to take effect.

    Tech Tip: Driver downloads and updates come in a variety of file formats with different file extensions. For example, you may have downloaded an EXE, INF, ZIP, or SYS file. Each file type has a slighty different installation procedure to follow.

    For more help, visit our Driver Support Page for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

    Albatron PX865PE Lite Pro ATX PC Материнская плата компьютера Intel Socket / Socket 478

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